Shiro Bheda : Classification of Head movements in odissi

Head movements are called shiro Bheda. The head movements refer to the head positions, while expressing a particular bhava. There are nine types of head movements.

Application: Pride, paralysis, inaction, affection, anger (narasimha Avatara)

Application: Shyness or modesty, sorrow, bowing, evil thought, fainting,looking at objects on the earth, a plunge into the water (kalia)

Application: Looking at a flag, birds, moon, sky, mountain, birds.

Application: Sleepiness, excitement, possessed by spirits, intoxication and fainting , unfair and uncontrollable laughter.

Application: Denial or to say No, looking towards the sides repeatedly, empathizing with people, astonishment, glancing at ones own limbs, summoning from both sides, bitting cold.

Application: Indignation, asking to sit, questioning, summoning , cautioning.

Application: To show someone’s hair, to show back

Application: passion, yearning for the beloved, sorrow

Application: Saying take this, come here

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