About Us

Namaskar. Welcome to the official website of Deepam Odissi Academy Muscat. Deepam is a pioneering indian classical dance school for Odissi in Oman. Since its initiation in 1994 by Guru Deepak Roy, Deepam has honed the talents of more than 50 dancers, many of who currently perform and teach in different parts of the world.

A senior disciple of Padma Vibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, Guru Deepak Roy’s continual efforts to promote the lyrical style and precision of Odissi has brought Deepam to where it is today.

Aishwarya Hegde, was one of the 1st students of Deepam during its initiation 20 years back. Today Deepam is a registered dance school in Oman run by her. As principal performer and instructor at Deepam, Aishwarya believes that teaching and performing are integral parts of becoming a holistic dancer. Carrying forward her Guru’s dream, Aishwarya has built a name of her own in the field of Odissi.

“Teaching has only enhanced my understanding of this intricate art form. Dance has changed my life in so many ways and I hope to share the joy of dancing with as many people as I can”.

Dance is a journey of meditation that ultimately results in self-realisation. Our vision at Deepam is to give dancers a strong foundation in their journey to become complete performers. Every artist requires determination, dedication and devotion to achieve perfection in their field of Art. We are merely enablers in this process.

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