Celebrating Artists – Meher Malik

Belly dance is a celebrated classical dance form that has found its space all around the world. Popularly considered as a sensual dance form, Meher Malik has paved a way for belly dance to be viewed very differently in the indian society. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur running her dance school in Delhi. She … Continue reading Celebrating Artists – Meher Malik

Dance Shlokas

Namaskariya Shlokaआंगिकम भुवनम यस्य वाचिकं सर्व वाङ्ग्मयम आहार्यं चन्द्र ताराधि तं नुमः (वन्दे) सात्विकं शिवम्  Translation Your body is the movement of the world Your words resonate through the entire universe The Moon and the stars are your ornaments I salute you Shiva, the embodiment of truth The Namaskaria Shloka helps us better understand the … Continue reading Dance Shlokas

Celebrating Artists – Colleena Shakti

I have spoken of Colleena Shakti and her work so many times. There is so much about her that is amazing and inspiring that her story gets richer as we share it with one another. Her life is like a dream that all us dancers envision but only a few, just a few, manage to … Continue reading Celebrating Artists – Colleena Shakti