Hejje – Beginner’s Winter Dance Retreat 2020

Hejje – Winter Dance Retreat 2020 is a residential workshop organised by Deepam Odissi Academy that will take place in Mangalore, India from January 17th – January 20th 2020. ‘Hejje’ meaning footsteps marks the auspicious beginning of every dancer’s journey. This retreat is the first step for dancers trained in any dance style to explore the world of Odissi dance.

Hejje – Winter Dance Retreat is a unique opportunity for dancers to spend time secluded from the hustle-bustle of daily life and dive deep into the ocean of dance. The retreat will be conducted at The Estate Resort located amidst the western ghats in Moodbidri, Karnataka. The course is designed for dancers to experience dance through theoretical, physical and spiritual learning. It is a one-of-a kind opportunity to acquire a thorough and multifaceted understanding of the subject.

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A Little about Hejje – Winter Dance Retreat

Traditionally, dance was taught in Gurukuls where students lived, ate, studied and practiced with their Gurus. This proximity with their Gurus not only chiselled their art form but enabled them to adopt dance as a way of life.

This residential course offers a small number of students the opportunity to experience the gurukul life and to spend a focused period of study acquiring practical skills and theoretical understanding of Odissi. The course provides technical training, alongside an introduction to the history, culture and aesthetics of this dance form.

A day at the retreat will include kallaripayattu, yoga, dance, lecture demonstrations and opportunities to experience different local art forms. Odissi training will be led by Guru Deepak Roy (founder, Deepam Odissi Academy) and Aishwarya Hegde (Artistic Director at Deepam). Kallaripayattu and Yoga, warm-up sessions and lecture demonstrations will be conducted by Sudharshan Sampath.

Who can attend the course?

This workshop is for anyone who has:

  • basic training in Odissi, but is interested in strengthening their practical skills, as well as cultural-historical understanding of this dance; or
  • basic training in another Indian classical dance style, but is interested in enhancing her technique and performance quality through complementary training in Odissi;
  • training in another dance genre or movement-based discipline (yoga, martial arts, ballet, other ethnic dance forms), but is interested in studying Odissi as part of his/her artistic journey;
  • limited dance training, but strong motivation in embarking in the Odissi journey.

learning Goals

This workshop is designed for anyone with an interest in Odissi with little or no prior knowledge of the art form.

By the end of the course, students will have:

  • acquired practical skills in Odissi technique;
  • attained perfection of Odissi postures;
  • understanding of safe and healthy practice;
  • knowledge of the different Gurus and their approaches towards Odissi.
  • learnt an invocatory Odissi piece.
  • a certificate of completion of Hejje – Winter Dance Retreat 2020

Where will the course be conducted?

Hejje Winter Dance Retreat 2020 will be held at The Estate resort in the quaint town of Moodbidri, Karnataka. The resort is located at an hours distance from the Mangalore International Airport. Access to Mangalore is convenient with direct flights from Muscat and all major cities in India. Take a look at the link below to see pictures of this beautiful property.

The Estate Resort in Moodbidri, Karnataka

Workshop Fee

Option 1: All inclusive (tuition fees, accommodation and meals): Rs 15,000

Tuition Fees + Food Rs 4,999

Early Bird Discounted Rates will be offered to the first 5 applicants of the course. On acceptance of your application form you will be notified whether you are eligible for the discount.

*Deepam Odissi Academy bank details will appear on the screen once the application below has been submitted. Please contact Aishwarya at aishwarya.h2012@gmail.com with any financial queries.


To Register for Hejje – Winter Dance Retreat 2020 click on the link below and fill out the form. We will get back to you within 2 working days to confirm your acceptance. Please note that your spot will only be confirmed after full payment of the workshop fees has been received.

Hejje – Winter Dance Retreat 2020 Registration Form

On acceptance into our program you will receive a detailed docket with each days itinerary and other necessary information.