Odissi Classes

Starting your dance journey is a big step in your life as learning Odissi is an intense process that requires dedication, patience and practice. Like all other Indian classical dance forms, Odissi is an advanced form of Yoga. While working on the body, Odissi  also trains the mind and acts at the spiritual level by allowing a process of self-discovery and self-understanding.

At Deepam, we believe that there is a dancer in everyone but finding the dedication and determination is up to an individual’s interest.

Who can join our classes?

Odissi is for you if :

  • you have an interest to learn something new and discover the grace and fluidity of your body.
  • you want to adopt dance as a form of therapy to develop your mind and soul.
  • you have always wanted to dance but not found an opportunity to do so.
  • you believe that dance makes this world a beautiful place and more dancers only means more beauty around! 🙂

Odissi is for your child if:

  • she/he enjoys moving to music of any kind.
  • she/he enjoys performing for an audience and requires guidance on how to do so.
  • you see a good sense of rhythm and understanding in your child.
  • you want to develop your child’s time management skills and show them how to balance school and passion together.
  • you want to give your child some screen-free developmental time.
  • you want your child to be physically active.

Do I need prior dance experience?

Not at all. We offer classes for all levels of dancers. So whether you are a complete fresher to dance of any kind or wether you have had many years of classical dance training, we have something for everyone.


Which class is suitable for me?

We currently offer the following classes:

  1. Beginner classes for ladies and children (with no prior Odissi knowledge) Offline classes only.
  2. Intermediate Odissi Dancers (completed basic steps and Mangalacharan) Online & Offline Classes
  3. Senior Odissi Dancers (completed one set of the full Odissi Repertoire) Online & Offline Classes

All classes are conducted twice a week. Dancers are expected to complete a minimum of 8 classes a month. All dancers are encouraged to attend extra classes (at no additional fees) to enhance their understanding and practice of Odissi.

One-off attendance of the classes is not encouraged as it breaks the flow of the class and doesn’t benefit the dancer in any way.

What should I expect from the classes?

Our classes begin with a quick warm up session. Our warm up routine includes a combination of yoga, cardio exercises and strength building exercises.

The warm up routine is followed by dancing depending on which level of dance your class is at.

Theoretic knowledge of odissi is built into every class and we read through notes and write as we go. We do not follow a strict classroom structure as we believe that dance is taught best through practice.

Each class is concluded with a short cool down session.

Where are the classes conducted?

Offline classes are conducted in Madinat Ilam

Online classes will be conducted on Zoom. Links for the classes will be sent to you prior to each session. 

Class schedules may change so it is best to contact us for details of the current batch timings.

What will be my investment for the classes? 

A monthly fee of RO 25/- per student is collected at the beginning of each month. New students can take one free trial class to see how they feel about the classes before making a commitment. We do not compensate for missed classes. Dancers are encouraged to attend extra classes with other batches to make up for their missed sessions.

What should I wear to class?

Dress comfortably in loose cotton clothes with enough room to stretch. Cotton Salwar Khameez or Kurta and leggings are ideal. Senior dancers are recommended to wear dance saris to class.

Always carry a dupatta (stole) along to drape around yourself during class.

What should I bring along to class?

  • Notebook (For dance notes only) and a pen
  • Bottle of water
  • Hand Towel
  • Mask 


I have more questions. Who can I contact?

For any other concerns please contact us via phone or whatsappp  9537 7316 (Shreya) or Aishwarya on 9320 1700.

You can even write into us on our facebook page.

Or just drop us a line on our contact page

I cannot wait to Begin my Odissi journey! What do i do next?

Fill out the registration form in the link below and hit submit. We will get back to you closer to the date of the classes to reconfirm your enrollment.



Call or message Aishwarya at 93201700 and book your session right away!

We look forward to an exciting dance journey together. Good luck!