Prarambhik Exam

The Prarambik level is completed once a student has appeared for both the prarambik papers. There will be theory and practical exams. Theory exam will be conducted orally for both Prarambik exams

PRARAMBHIK PART 1 (first year)
  • Definition of Tali, Khali, Abartan
  • Origin of Odissi dance and general knowledge about the dance
  • Knowledge of Asanjukta Hasta Mudra
  • Understanding of the talas commonly used in Odissi Dance
  • Understanding of Laya and Tala
  • Understanding of Chauka and Tribhangi and their usage in dance
  1. Bhumi Pranam
  2. Pada Sanchalan (Foot Positions)
  3. Demonstration of Ek Taali
  4. Soundless and Sound exercises
  5. Sira, Drushti and Griva Beda

PRARAMBHIK Part 2 (final year)
  • Definition of Lasya and Tandava
  • Knowledge of Rupak and Ek tali
  • Understanding of Devadasi Nrutya
  • Description of 6 anga and 6 pratyanga
  • Description of Tala and Laya and their usage in dance
  • Describe the origin of Indian Classical dance forms
  • Describe ‘Asanjukta Hasta Mudra’
  1. Performance: Mangalacharan
  2. Demonstrate Head and Neck Movements (Shiro beda & Griva Beda)
  3. Demonstrate Asamyukta Hasta (Single hand mudras)
  4. Application of Single leg movemets
  5. Demonstrate the following:
  • Ek Taala
  • Rupak Taala
  • Tripata Taala
  • Jhampa Taala
  • Khemta Taala

6. Demonstrate Chauka & Tribhangi steps in all 3 speeds

7. Demonstration of Ek Tal and Rupak Tal on the fingers in all 3 speeds

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