Prarambik Theory Answers


Question 1: Definition of Tali, Khali, Abartan

Question 4: Understanding of Laya and Tala

Question 5: Understanding of the talas commonly used in Odissi Dance

  • Answers for all three questions can be found in the file below.

Question 2: Origin of Odissi dance and general knowledge about the dance

Question 3: Knowledge of Asanjukta Hasta Mudra

Question 6: Understanding of Chauka and Tribhangi and their usage in dance


Question 1: Definition of Lasya and Tandava

Question 2: Knowledge of Rupak and Ek tali

Question 6: Description of Tala and Laya and their usage in dance

Question 3: Understanding of Devadasi Nrutya

Mahari and Devsasi tradition are synonymous to each other. Describing Mahari tradition will be appropriate for this question

Question 4: Description of 6 anga and 6 pratyanga

To understand the divisions of a dancers body it is important to understand how this connects us to Abhinaya. Read through both pages attached below.

Question 5: Describe the origin of Indian Classical dance forms

Question 6: Describe ‘Asanjukta Hasta Mudra’