Sammilan Senior Dancers Retreat 2019

Welcome to all you beautiful dancers! With beautiful memories of Aikyatan 2018 in our heart, we are very excited to announce our annual Deepam Reunion with the launch of Sammilan – Senior Dancer Retreat 2019. Sammilan is a professional dance training program designed by Deepam Odissi Academy for the serious dance student who wants to reach new depths in their dance through focused study and hard work in a supportive environment.  This year Sammilan will be conducted from December 22nd – 27th, 2019 at Deepam Gurukul in Durgapur, India.

This retreat is an opportunity for dancers looking for a space to revisit complex odissi choreographies and learn new items over a course of one week. Your time at Sammilan will be dedicated to dancing, learning and sharing with other dancers looking to further their artistic journey.

A day at the retreat will include yoga, dance, lecture demonstrations and opportunities to experience different local art forms. Odissi training will be led by Guru Deepak Roy (founder, Deepam Odissi Academy) and assisted by Aishwarya Hegde (Artistic Director at Deepam). Yoga, warm-up sessions and lecture demonstrations will be conducted by visiting faculty.

In addition to classroom hours, dancers will have the opportunity to meet local artist and witness live performances. Additionally, all participants of the retreat will have the oppurtunity to witness the famous Poush Mela at Shantiniketan Visva-Bharati University.


The Sammilan retreat is designed for dancers who have learnt (at least one item each of) all 5 elements of the odissi repertoire. (Mangala charan, Botu, Pallavi, Abhinaya, Moksh)

We understand the demands of daily life and the inability to dedicate time towards practice but we highly recommend a few practice sessions before you come for the workshop to enhance your time with us.


The program is designed for senior dancers and we will be focusing our time an attention on correcting pieces you have previously learnt and furthering your knowledge through a new piece. We will revisit one pallavi and one abhinay piece in detail.

Guru Deepak Roy will teach an Odiya Abhinay piece as he feels undisturbed time must be dedicated to absorb the intricacies of Abhinaya.


Deepam Gurukul is the new home of Deepam Odissi Academy and its founder, Guru Deepak Roy. It has always been Guru Deepak’s dream to teach Odissi to as many aspiring dancers as he can and he continues to do so at his newly established school in his home town Durgapur.

Workshop Fee

Option 1: All inclusive (tuition fees, accommodation and meals): Rs 25,500 (RO 138)
Option 2: FOR LOCAL RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY Tuition Fees & Meals only (no accommodation): Rs 15,000

Early Bird Discounted Rates will be offered to the first 2 applicants of the course. On acceptance of your application form you will be notified if your are eligible for the discount.

Please note that this workshop is designed for a small number of dancers so please fill out the application ASAP to block your spot at the workshop.

*Deepam Odissi Academy bank details will appear on screen once the application below has been submitted. Please contact Aishwarya at with any financial queries.


To Register for Sammilan Dance Retreat 2019 click on the link below and fill out the form. We will get back to you within 2 working days to confirm your acceptance. Please note that your spot will only be confirmed after full payment of the workshop fees has been received.

Sammilan – Senior Dancer Retreat 2019 Registration Form

On acceptance into our program you will receive a detailed docket with each days itinerary and other necessary information