Sammilan – Senior Dancers Retreat 2019 Registration Form

Sammilan – Senior Dancers Retreat 2019 is a week long residential workshop organised by Deepam Odissi Academy that will take place in Durgapur, India from December 22nd – 27th 2019. Please read through the course outline on this link for information about the workshop. Once you have done this, please respond to the questions below and click ‘submit’.

This professional program stresses rigor and activity, and focuses not only on the physical aspects of dance, but the cultural, intellectual, philosophical and spiritual aspects as well. 

Deepam Odissi Academy is offering training in Odissi led by Guru Deepak Roy and assisted by Aishwarya Hegde. Yoga, warm-up sessions and lecture demonstrations will be conducted by visiting faculty.

For any queries about the registration procedure or general ‘Sammilan – Senior Dancer Retreat 2019’ information please contact Aishwarya Hegde at

The fees for Sammilan – Senior Dancers retreat are as follows:

Option 1: All inclusive (tuition fees, accommodation and meals): Rs 25,00 (RO 138)
Option 2: FOR LOCAL RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY Tuition Fees & Meals only (no accommodation): Rs 15,000

Early Bird Discounted Rates will be offered to the first 2 applicants of the course. On acceptance of your application form you will be notified if your are eligible for the discount.

Please note that this workshop is designed for a small number of dancers so please fill out the application ASAP to block your spot at the workshop.

*Deepam Odissi Academy bank details will appear on screen once the application below has been submitted.

For any queries about the registration procedure or general ‘Sammilan Senior Dancers Retreat’ information please contact Aishwarya Hegde at

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All students must pay a RO 50 deposit within 7 days of registering their details via the online registration form. Your place at Sammilan Senior Dancer Retreat 2019 will NOT be guaranteed until the deposit amount is paid. Fees may be paid in full upon registration (including the RO 50 deposit)