Chitra Nair

Odissi dancer, Ladies Batch

All my life I have always had multiple crushes on different dance forms but somehow the classical dance forms have always remained my serious affairs. After a formal training in Bharatnatyam I always wanted to venture into a different form, it just took an informal suggestion by one of my friends regarding Deepam classes and Odissi. To be brutally honest I had absolutely no idea regarding the dance form and the class either but decided to give it a try..n affair is gradually getting stronger and shaping up beautifully. I started enjoying my chaukas and tribhangis ,like minded women who are equally dedicated and passionate about the dance started inspiring me..the atmosphere , flexibility ,support as a student offered is commendable..and Deepam is blessed with a  guru who can double up as a friend, pushing to get us over there , encouraging to push our limits , considering our problems gives all the more reason to enjoy Odissi