Samraggee Bhattacharya

Deepam Performer

I had a penchant for dancing from a very young age. Back in grade 1, my grandmother acknowledged my ever growing interest and decided that I should begin my training in a classical dance form, namely Odissi. I was very excited to attend my first class with Deepak Sir. His motivation and ability to make the system of learning enjoyable is what made dance classes with him so vivid and consequential.
Ever since Aishwarya didi undertook the role of a teacher, she has continued to train the upcoming dancers with utmost sincerity and dedication. Her passion towards Odissi is commendable. Deepam has been thriving for years because of Deepak Sir and it continues to thrive due to Aishwarya’s enthusiasm. Deepam will always be a space where dancers or anyone interested in starting something new are welcome to learn, grow and have fun together, making exuberant memories to look back on in the process.