Shailaja Padmanabanan

Odissi dancer, Ladies Batch at Deepam

My tryst with Odissi,started a year back and it’s been a great journey so far. I had never have envisaged  learning a completely  new dance form in my 50’s  and for this full credit to Ash who  convinced me  that in spite of my plantar fasciitis,I could do it!! To be honest the first few classes were exacting and the lure of Bollywood music from the studio next door made me wonder if I was taking the wrong classes. 
This phase was fleeting and soon I was hooked as Ash is a brilliant teacher and and has tailor made the course to suit our capabilities! Besides dancing, we enjoy our chats and light moments!!
Hope my experience is encouragement for those empty nester moms looking for a hobby and a path to happiness!!