Shefali Mendon

Odissi Dancer, 1st batch of Deepam.

I started learning Odissi way back in 1994 with Sir and the word “Sir” took a whole other meaning in my home after that. My family knew who I was talking about when I said “Sir”, because there was no other teacher for whom I had so much love, respect and appreciation. Being trained by Sir for so many years, he instilled in us a love for the arts, a keen eye for detail, the importance of working towards perfection and the joy of dancing.
It brings me so much happiness to see Aishwarya taking over from Sir. Her dedication to learn constantly and teach with encouragement and enthusiasm, altering the class based on the capacity of her students, is what makes her an excellent guide for the young and the old, into this beautiful world of Odissi. I wish Sir, Aishwarya and Deepam all the very best for the new and exciting events which lie ahead.
With lots of love and warm hugs,