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“Aishwarya’s dedication to learn constantly and teach with encouragement and enthusiasm, altering the class based on the capacity of her students, is what makes her an excellent guide for the young and the old, into this beautiful world of Odissi.” Read More

Shefali Mendon

“I joined Deepam under the dynamism of Aishwarya who has proved to be a tremendous source of encouragement and an excellent teacher of Odissi. Her patient yet rigorous classes make me walk out with a sense of euphoria no matter how tired I am at the end of a working day!!” Read more…

Dr Ragini Vaishnav

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Griva Bheda: Movement of the neck

Neck movements are called Grivabeda. Neck movements are an integral part of most Indian classical dance form. There are four types of grivabeda Sundari– continuous neck movement from left to right Tiraschina– neck movement from center to left corner then center to right corner Paribartita– neck movement from left side to right side (like offering … Continue reading Griva Bheda: Movement of the neck

Drishti Bheda: Connecting through the eyes

Drishti in sanskrit means “vision”. Drishti Bedha’s help us classify different eye movements depending on how we move our eyeballs. We use each of these different movements in our daily life, but they also have their own identification. In classical dance, there are a total of nine types of eye movements. Some are obvious and … Continue reading Drishti Bheda: Connecting through the eyes

Shiro Bheda : Classification of Head movements in odissi

Head movements are called shiro Bheda. The head movements refer to the head positions, while expressing a particular bhava. There are nine types of head movements. Application: Pride, paralysis, inaction, affection, anger (narasimha Avatara) Application: Shyness or modesty, sorrow, bowing, evil thought, fainting,looking at objects on the earth, a plunge into the water (kalia) Application: … Continue reading Shiro Bheda : Classification of Head movements in odissi

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